Introducing our new National Australian Co-ordinator

Introducing myself

Greetings! Since I am still relatively new to my role with Engage International and many supporters of our ministry may not know me, I thought it may be a good idea to write to everyone and introduce myself. I have recently taken up the role of Australian National Co-ordinator of Engage International, taking over from the great job Blake Cannon did for several years.

Margo LawThanking God for Margo 

Before going on though, I need to stop and acknowledge another vital member of the Engage team who is no longer with us. On October 4th 2017, Margo Law, the wife of our Engage President and the dear friend of many of us, went to be with the Lord. Margo was not necessarily on the front lines of the Engage work, but she was indeed a vital player behind the scenes. She faithfully supported Peter for many many years as he travelled throughout Eastern Europe and Asia, looking after the family and allowing Peter the freedom to travel. At the same time she served God so faithfully in her involvement in church life and home, modelling so well what it means to be a woman of God. We thank God so much for the privilege we have had in knowing her and for the example she gave us, and we pass on to Peter our deepest condolences for such a great loss at this time.

My role with EngagePhil

It is my role to help the Australian church to invest in the development of pioneering church planters anddisciple-makers on the frontlines of unreached areas of Nepal. It’s a great privilege for me to be involved in a project which has such enormous ramifications in the light of eternity and also the transformation of so many villages throughout this needy country.

I have now been on three trips to Nepal, and each time I’ve been struck by the contrast of the physical beauty of the country and the spiritual darkness of the culture. At the same time, it is so encouraging to observe the light of the gospel bringing such a radiance amongst God’s people, as the word of God brings transformation into people’s lives.

So, what do I actually do?

My role divides into three responsibilities. Firstly, I spend time working on the curriculum of our two year church planting course, giving guidelines for our lecturers and providing resources for our students to use in their teaching in churches. Secondly, I seek to connect with our supporters back home, raising awareness and support for our work in Engage by interacting with churches and individuals. Thirdly, I help to organise and coordinate the various activities of the ministry, such as connecting with our teachers and visiting teams, and organising our fund raising activities.

Family Matters

2017-03-25 Wilson Family 140I am married to Ruth, and we are the proud parents of two beautiful girls, Lily (8) and Abby (6). We are both so blessed to have been raised in Christian families and we also enjoy a very strong support from all our large extended family in our ministry. We live in the northern suburbs of Brisbane and enjoy this beautiful location so close to the Sunshine Coast to escape to for regular times of refreshment.

Please be in touch if you have a question about the Engage ministry or if you would like me to connect with your church to bring an update about how we can support the church in Nepal. I will be connecting with you in this newsletter on a regular basis, bringing you the latest news from Nepal, and also sharing any helpful resources we develop which you can use in the mission field of your everyday life.

Yours in Christ the Lord,
Phil Wilson

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