The Church Is Growing in Nepal!

“All over the world this gospel is bearing fruit and growing, just as it has been doing among you since the day you heard it and understood God’s grace in all its truth” (Colossians 1:6). The Christian church was rapidly expanding in Paul’s day as he and the other apostles journeyed through ancient Asia, preaching the gospel and establishing new churches. The same is true today in Nepal. What a privilege for us in Australia to play a vital role in supporting what God is doing. We have an important role we can play. Nepal is a land which struggles with resources. We are materially rich. It is a relatively young church, lacking theological foundations. We have much to offer in helping the church to grow deep as well as wide. Can I encourage you as you read the updates below to pray about how God may be leading you to partner with the church in Nepal and the ministry of Engage as we seek to strengthen God’s church there.

Latest Reports

Below are some of the latest reports from our church planters from the month of August.[1]

Phul: I have been sharing gospel to place called B. in the last few months. Two church planting students are also involved in the gospel work there. 5 people got baptised in the  previous month and 4 got baptised last month. In that area I have shared gospel to around 30 people this time. Now there is a regular fellowship there.

Gupali : I have shared gospel with 35 people this month. Three person accepted Jesus as their Saviour. One of my wife’s relatives died some days ago and there was an opportunity to share the gospel to the relatives. Pray for a response from these ones.

Nareli: I was recently in a funeral service where where one son and daughter-in-law was christian in that family but the others were not. There was a good opportunity to share the gospel to a number of people. I have been doing regular visits to a new area where a new church has been planted. Two people got baptised this time there. The meeting place is getting small now. Two new people also have started coming to the church.

Idugal: The fellowship in R. is going well. Now around 20 people come together in the fellowship. Last Saturday 3 people accepted Jesus as their Saviour. Two of them were delivered from demons and healed and started to come to the fellowship. They heard gospel 3 years ago when I was a church planter training student and now have seen the fruit. Now their neighbour is also interested in the gospel. These places were very against Christianity a few years ago but now are very open to the gospel. Praise God. In this monsoon also there has been a lot of land slides but no damage of houses and people hurt so far. It is very difficult to travel during monsoon time. I have to spent at least one night on the way to get there. The hotels are not good! Bed-bugs bite at night and the beds are not clean! The believers there are very welcoming and want to learn more about Jesus. It is very encouraging though the travel is quite hard.

[1] Names have been changed.