12 Things to take to Nepal

I’m currently starting to get ready for another trip to Nepal in June, so I thought I’d share my list of things I have learned is handy to have if you ever take a trip. If you have ever been, and you can add to my list with your own tips, please feel free to.

1.Blow up Mattress. The first time I travelled there we stayed in a motel for a week whose bed had a mattress about 1 inch thick. After a week of sleeping on that bed, I thought I had arthritis starting to invade my hips.

2. Thongs. The floors of the bathrooms have often a slightly slimy feel. Who knows when they were washed last? Wear your thongs while you’re having a shower.

3. Long sleeve shirts and trousers. If you’re travelling through the plains, then this will help protect you against malaria-carrying mosquitos. Also, Nepalis generally dress conservatively, although it’s not like you’re going to get into trouble if you wear shorts, especially in the cities.

4. Hand santizer. Lots of it. Wash hands before every meal, and after interactions with other people. You don’t want to get sick over there.

5. Mosquito net. Not a bad idea for protection at night.

6. Power plug adaptors. It always has been troublesome getting powerpoints adaptors that fit properly into their sockets. Have a spare adaptor or two, in case one of them gets fried. Take a powerboard because there might not be many sockets in a room. Take something to tape your power cord into the power socket in case it doesn’t fit neatly.

7. Toilet paper. Toilet paper is a bit of an oddity over there, and even when it is provided, it just doesn’t feel quite right.

8. Travel Insurance. In case you get sick or miss your flights.

9. Immunisations. Go your GP well in advance of the trip, and make sure all your immunisations are up to date.

10. Camera. There are too many beautiful mountain scenes and smiling people to rely on a dodgy phone camera.

11. A Few Spare Sermons. You might spontaneously get asked to speak if you turn up to a church.

12. A humble and patient heart. God has lots to teach you through a visit to the beautiful land of Nepal. You’ll probably tested in your patience at some point, but you’ll be blessed to see how God is using humble men and women to advance his kingdom in amazing ways.