What We’ll Be Doing in Nepal This Time

Dear friends,

This upcoming month will be a big month for our ministry, so apologies for not being in touch for so long. This Thursday I will be heading to Nepal for another Engage Training Institute with our new cohort of students next week. See below for a summary of what we’ll be doing this time.

Then when we return we will be holding our annual Engage Appreciation Dinner on Friday June 15th. We would love to invite you to come and be part of this evening. We will be sharing about the latest news from Nepal, and Peter Law will be sharing about his trips to India, Macedonia, Serbia and Liberia. We will also be sharing some exciting news about our ministry which will be a big step forward by God’s grace.

Please note that the RSVP for registering is the 8th June. You can register online in the link above or by phoning Barry Andersen on 0411 276 856.

After our Appreciation Dinner, we finish off the month with our Engage Retreat for our board members where we pray and plan together for future ministry plans.

What I’ll be doing in Nepal this time.

On Thursday night, Pieter Ferreira and myself will be travelling to Nepal, spending a day in Kathmandu before heading out to central Nepal in a full day of travel on Sunday.

From Monday to Friday, we will be taking our new cohort of students through their second training week. This week the focus of our training will be an overview of the Old Testament. In 8 sessions we will cover the storyline of the Old Testament, how it is fulfilled in Christ and the gospel, how it relates to our life, and some tips for reading it more fruitfully.

We will be recording these lessons, and we will seek to put together an online video course, combining the Nepali translation of our teaching with a powerpoint presentation (again translated into Nepalese).

Our goal is to make a resource which our students will be able to take home with them to their churches and use to help people in their own churches grow.

Pieter Ferreira will be working on this editing project during the week while I am teaching the course. Please pray that the Lord helps us to put together a course which has a good enough quality to make it an effective resource for churches in Nepal.

I will also be doing some more practical work with the students, developing them in the skills of sharing the gospel, leading a Bible study and discipleship group, and preaching sermons. Pray that the students will really benefit from these sessions.

Finally, we will also be interviewing the students individually, so that we can get to know them better. It takes a long time to interview each student (when everything has to be translated), so each week we seek just to ask a few questions, and build on what we learned last time. Last time we asked them for their stories of how they came to Christ. This time we will learn more about their spiritual gifts and how they spend time with the Lord in their lives.

We would ask you to remember us in prayer for this trip. Pray for safety on the roads, that we would enjoy a low profile presence in the city where we minister, and that both we and the students would be greatly encouraged together.


Phil Wilson
Australian National Co-ordinator
Engage International